About Us

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of raw materials to steel mills.
We CommoditEDGE LLC with a long history in steel market are one of the most geographically diversified steel on suppliers, operating in GCC countries and in UAE.
Commodit Edge LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates was registered on May 21,2012 as a Limited Liability Company (L.L.C) and operates in the United Arab Emirates under a commercial license issued by the Commercial Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai.

Our Services


We supply products like Coking Coal,Steel Billets,Metallurgical Coke,Steel Reinforcing Bar & Industrial Steel, Machineries and Spare Parts.


Source and supply raw materials to steel mills, providing them with price visibility, reduced risk and supply continuity.


Engaged in trading activities in UAE as well as international markets.


Assists raw material producers and suppliers in establishing stable supply agreements, enabling them to make long-term investment decisions and securing capital for capital investments.

Our Products

  1. Coking Coal
  2. Metallurgical Coke
  3. Steel Billets
  4. Steel Reinforcing Bar
  5. Industrial Steel, Machineries and Spare Parts:
  • Prestressed Concrete Steel Bars
  • Hydraulic Static Pile Driver
  • Spinning Machine
  • Automatic Cage Welding Machine
  • Concrete Pile Mould

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